Odin APK Download – Free Education APP for Android Devices

Odin is the popular windows application used for flashing the stock ROMs, custom recoveries and custom ROMs in Smartphone and tablets. If you are using Android device and looking for ways to flash the custom ROM firmware, then ensure to download and use Odin APK.

Odin is the popular internal tool and utility software that is popularly used for flashing the Samsung devices through download mode or by passing the recovery. It works smoothly on all Samsung tabs and Smart phones. Initially, Odin was only available for Windows devices and PCs, but now it is made available for Samsung devices. Using the Odin APK on your Smartphone directly can help you flash the Custom ROMs, Custom Recoveries and Stock ROMs. It is the flasher firmware software of choice and you can simply throw the record data firmware SD card and start cell Odin and flash away. It is available for all Android devices, but ensures that the Android device is rooted to use this firmware. The software supports tar.md5 and .tar files. The flashing process via Odin APK is much easier and faster. You simply need to open the mobile Odin and open the file option and select the file and click the Start button.

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Procedure to Download and Install Odin APK for Android:

  • Odin APK is officially provided by Samsung for all supported Samsung devices. So, if you encounter any problem while using the software, you need to approach the Samsung support team directly
  • It is very easy and simple to Odin for the flashing stock ROM, TWRP recovery, Custom ROM and CWM. You simply need to connect your Samsung device with the computer in download mode and load the .tar.md5 file in Odin and simply flash the file available in your device.
  • In order to use the Odin APK on your Samsung device, you are required to root the device using any rooting tool. But rooting the device may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, you are required to take complete backup of the files and data stored on your device prior to rooting the device.
  • If you want to learn the rooting tutorials, firmware upgrades tutorials and more for your Samsung Smartphone and tablets, then visit the Samsung category page from where you can also download the Samsung USB drivers.

Downloading of Odin APK on Samsung Phone:

The steps to downloading the Odin APK on your Samsung Smartphone are very easy and simple. You need to follow few simple steps to successfully download the APK file on your device. But, before downloading and installing the software on your device, you are required to root your device successfully. If your device is not rooted you can’t download or install the firmware on your device successfully and flashing stock won’t be possible. After rooting successfully, follow the below steps to the download and install the software on your Samsung device.

  • Download the Odin APK from http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/chainfire/mobile-odin-lite/mobile-odin-lite-4-20-release/mobile-odin-lite-4-20-android-apk-download/ directly and store on your device
  • Now go to settings and scroll down to security settings and then tap on “Unknown Sources” to enable the option
  • Now to go the location where you have stored the APK of the software and click the “Install” button to successfully install the firmware on your device.

Color Switch APK Download V7.6.0 For Android Device

Color Switch Apk: The addiction of games is nothing new but the games that are available for playing are getting improvised from time to time and they leave no stone unturned to make it compelling, interesting and fun for the player. Color Switch is one such fun game that tests the agility of the player and also his competitive spirit. The player is required to hit the ball through different types of obstacles and reach the finish line in time.

To make it even more interesting and equally challenging, the ball is constantly changing colors and this makes it difficult to reach the finish line. The obstacles are not just interesting but also look tempting to the player and they rush into it to run through them and this is where they make a mistake and lose the game.

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Color Switch APK Download V7.6.0 For Android Device:

They can be in the form of spinning triangles that have different colored sides, vertical bands in a number of colors that constantly move from one side to another, there are cubes that are made of different colored circles that constantly expand and relax and many other interesting ones. Too many obstacles require the player to be constantly agile and quick with fingers to be able to win the game.Color Switch has some of the most beautiful graphics and is an arcade game; it requires Android 2.3 or higher versions. You can easily Download Color Switch Apk from a website online. These websites have links that provide a direct and free download of the game file.

Color Switch Apk – Features of the game:

  • It is an absorbing and addictive gameplay.
  • It has different game modes.
  • The controls of the game are very simple to use.
  • The graphics are colorful, beautiful and minimalistic.
  • The obstacles that are to be overcome are colorful and interesting.
  • It is an arcade game.

Tips and Tricks to Play Color Switch:

While the game is fun and interesting, it is challenging as well. So we get you some tips and tricks that make Color Switch apk much easier for the player than it actually is:

  1. Controlling the ball should be your priority

If you can control the ball, it is half the battle won. Remember not to move up and down too much, this will help you find the exact time to miss the obstacle. This trick is very helpful in the higher levels of the game.

  1. Play more to practice well

The more you play the game, the more you will know about its features and tricks. Initially, you might lose very easily and lose the game very often but do not lose heart and play often to understand Color Switch well.

  1. Avoid rushing

There are several times when you will find an obstacle quite easy and would like to rush to clear it. This is where most of the players go wrong. Remember to go slow, take a break every now and then so you can concentrate on the game.

  1. It is advisable to turn off the audio

The key to this game is the high level of concentration and the sounds in the game are only a hindrance to the much-needed concentration. Try and mute the sounds in the game that are added for the effects and you will see a lot of difference in the quality of the game you play.

  1. Disable the Wi-Fi mode and the mobile data in your mobile

There are several ads that pop up in the middle of the game. When you disconnect your phone with any kind of internet connection, you can enjoy the game minus the advertisements and there will be more room for the game screen.

  1. Time your taps

Learn to time your taps for a maximum effect and efficiency. When there are no obstacles in the game initially, try and tap two times per second and you will see how it works. Later in the game when there are obstacles, you will have to increase your taps per second, for instance, 3 taps per second. This will help to overcome the obstacles in a strategic and quick manner, without unnecessary rushing.

TapZo App Download For Android and iOS Devices

Looking for a one-stop solution for all your woes? Here is something that you can watch out for! It is the TapZo App which gets installed in your phone and makes you avail the offers and recharge in a jiffy. Through the offers, you may find some good benefits on all your recharges and food, in fact, you may also check for the scores of sports that you love.

TapZo App is touted as a single platform for all your recharges and bill payments and enables transactions in an easy manner. So, you will encounter no delay in the payment services and updating of account which often takes few days. Known for instant services, you can get the TapZo App perfectly working for you.

Which services are offered by TapZo App?

TapZo is an app which works with just a tap and offers you multifarious services which are otherwise very tough to be accessed. You can avail benefits of the following services which are as follows:

  • Repairing of appliances
  • Recharge on prepaid mobile
  • Read your daily horoscope through this app
  • Pay for your electricity bills
  • Pay bills on postpaid mobile
  • Get your vehicles repaired
  • Get the best offers on everything
  • Get home services through prepaid payment
  • Food can be ordered
  • Flight booking
  • Enjoy the cricket scores for live telecast
  • DTH bill payment and recharge
  • Deals on every commodity you wish to purchase
  • Coupons for sale and discounts
  • Book your taxis and cabs

How to Download TapZo App for Android and iOS Device?


  • Go to Google play store and type TapZo on the search panel.
  • Once you see the official TapZo app, click on it and press “install”. It would take a matter of 2 to 3 minutes depending upon your internet connection for the app to download on your phone.


  • Directly click here to download TapZo app on your iOS Device.

How to book cab easily through this app?

Cab booking has never been easier when TapZo app was not there, so get your cabs in the easiest and cheesiest price possible. Now, quickly check out some ways through which you can get the cabs in the way you like:

  • Cabs can be booked easily in a pricing you never thought of which is as minuscule as Rs. 5/km
  • All the details about cab availability can be checked by going for arrival time and other rents services for cabs, taxis and auto services
  • Through the cab scanner feature, cabs can be booked even during peak hours
  • You can even read all the news while in your cab journey
  • Like a profitable app, TapZo makes you earn the discounts and get a sum of money back via bookings
  • Cashback scheme is also available in airports and taxis
  • Ola and Jugnoo auto can also be booked from this app

Which cabs can be booked through TapZo?

TapZo doesn’t just only work in a one-dimensional manner but there are multitudes of cabs which can be booked effortlessly. This feature gives you a wide range of cabs to pick from with discounts and offers pouring in heavily. Check the cabs which can be availed through this app:

  • Airport X
  • Airport XL
  • Lux
  • Ola Micro
  • Ola Mini
  • Ola Prime
  • Ola Prime Play
  • Ola Prime SUV
  • Ola Share
  • Uber Pool
  • uberGO
  • uberX
  • uberXL
  • Outstation cars

How to get your food ordered through TapZo?

To relish the true variety of food, this app surely offers you with a lot of discounts and cashback. You can order food online from the eating joints that you love which include both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian variety. Check out how you can access a variety of foods which you will surely fall in love with:

  • You may get to taste different variety of cuisines from all around the world
  • You can pay the bill online or go for cash on delivery payment
  • You can get cashback on food through this app
  • With restaurant menu, get your food cart filled with varied items
  • In fact, get your food from some famous eating joints like Subway and KFC
  • Get heavy discounts on some selected restaurants
  • All the food orders can be paid at a single place

On which commodities, bill payment is discounted?

Discounts can be availed on the following commodities which include:

  • Movie offers
  • Hotel Deals
  • Mobile recharge deals
  • Offers on flights
  • Deals on bus bookings
  • Coupons on bill recharge
  • Food deals
  • Attractive shopping deals
  • Offers on cabs
  • Buy grocery on easy pricing

With the above deals, you can seek for some better pricing policy which serves as a good deal of benefits for your monthly budget.